We are 26 acres gated to provide security and comfort for you and your family. We also have live feed security cameras and 24 hour security personal. 

Gated community is best

Why we are selective

Our Mission

It does not take long to stop by and look over the property . Walk through a few units and maybe talk with some of our tenants. What better way to get to know a property than to get the opinion of people who already live here.

We are more selective about who lives in our community. We place new tenants with other tenants that are similar in age,and habits. Some work nights and some have pets. We try to make sure that you not only love our property but the neighbors around you.


It's Competitive Out There

Why Choose Us

Gulf Grove and Oak Park      Apartments

We are now working to offer newly renovated units to fit the more discerning tenants that want ,not just a great price , but a beautiful show piece for the casual get togethers.

You Have Nothing to Lose

We Work Around Your Schedule

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

Here at Gulf Grove and Oak Park we believe in " making a deal" for the right tenant. If you need a short term lease and are working on a budget , call us and let us put together a package that will work for you.

While we hope you have the luxury to check out a new apartment any time of the day you want, if you're only free at 11 p.m. Monday and Friday nights, we'll make that work with you.

When I rented my first apartment from Gulf Grove and Oak Park Apartments, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.



You will love our newly renovated pool area.

Tommy Tarver





Christina Necaise

Assistant Office Manager




More Exclusive Inventory

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We have four different size units. We can put together a package to fit nearly anyones needs and budget.

Now we have one of our pools complete with a saltwater system rather than chemicals. We also have the tennis court soon to be complete and the fitness center has wifi with all new equipment .

Our Mission is Simple:
Make living a breeze